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  • Android Studio 0.4.3下載

    2014-01-24 11:06:45來源:oschina作者:

    Android Studio 0.4.3 發布,此版本更新內容如下:

    Android Studio 0.4.3 發布,此版本更新內容如下:

    • 支持最新的 Android Gradle 插件 0.8 版本,不要求強制更新,用戶可以繼續使用 0.7 版本

    • 更新到最新的 IntelliJ 13 EAP build, #133.609 (release notes)

    • 支持 Gradle IDE 

    • Updating from one version of the Gradle plugin to the next is easier; rather than just opening a search window showing .gradle files referencing the plugin, the upgrade quickfix now performs the edits to the plugin dependency and the gradle wrapper properties file directly and in one shot

    • We now automatically sync with Gradle's model after a build if we detect that the model is stale

    • Fixed a bug around library syncing (where library dependency classes and resources could suddenly not be found by the IDE)

    • Lint

    • New lint check which looks for cycles in style definitions, cycles in layout <include> definitions, cycles in resource aliases and cycles in color and drawable definitions.

    • New lint check for duplicate item definitions inside styles

    • New lint check for padding symmetry in right-to-left contexts

    • New lint check for a resource definition pattern which can cause some versions of aapt to crash

    • 布局編輯

    • The layout editor property sheet now handles setting properties in custom namespaces

    • Improved threading behavior of layout rendering code (which should make editing in the XML editor with the layout render preview window more responsive)

    • In addition to creating new locales from the Locale menu you can now open up and edit existing translations

    • Fixed bug where the layout editor could show stale resource strings

    • 導入 Eclipse 

    • You can now import Eclipse-style projects even if they don't have .classpath and .project files as long as they use the same directory structure

    • More graceful handling of imports if there is a problem such as a missing dependency

    • 其他 bug 修復

    Android Gradle 插件 0.8 版本更新內容如下:

    • Supports Gradle 1.10, requires Build-Tools 19.0.0+

    • Fixed issue 64302: Add renderscript support mode jar to the dependencies in the IDE model.

    • Fixed issue 64094: buildConfigField can now replace previous values inside the same type/flavors.

    • Add support for NDK prebuilts in library projects.

    • Parallelize pre-dexing to speed up clean builds.

    • Incremental dexing re-enabled (though it'll be automatically disabled in some builds for some cases that dx doesn't support yet.)

    • Added 'provided' dependency scope for compile only (not packaged) dependencies. Additional scope per buildtype and flavors are also available (debugProvided, myFlavorProvided,etc...)

    • Variant API improvements:

    • getPreBuild() returns the prebuild task for the variant

    • getSourceSets() returns the sorted sourcesets for the task, from lower to higher priority

    • createZipAlignTask(String taskName, File inputFile, File outputFile).
      This creates and return a new zipalign task. Useful if you have a custom plugin providing custom signing of APKs. This also makes the assemble task depend on the new zipalign task, and wires variant.getOutputFile() to return the result of the zipalign task.

    • project.android.registerJavaArtifact() now receives a Configuration object to pass the dependencies to the IDE. See artifactApi sample.

    • New "lintVital" task, run automatically as part of assembling release variants, which checks only fatal-severity issues

    • Replace Java parser in lint with ECJ; must faster and fixes bug where lint could hang on certain source constructs

    • Lint HTML report now writes links to source files and images as URLs relative to the report location


    如果你已經在運行 Android Studio,重啟就可以了,或者是通過 幫助—>檢查更新(OS X,在 Android Studio 菜單可以看到)。這種安裝只會安裝一部分分支,不會進行整個 IDE 鏡像的安裝。

    如果你想下載個完整安裝版本,可以前往 Android Studio Canary Build 0.4.3 下載;蛘咧苯訌南旅骀溄酉螺d:

    Windows: http://dl.google.com/dl/android/studio/ide-zips/0.4.3/android-studio-ide-133.988757-windows.zip (158 MB)


    Mac: http://dl.google.com/dl/android/studio/ide-zips/0.4.3/android-studio-ide-133.988757-mac.zip (158 MB)


    Linux: http://dl.google.com/dl/android/studio/ide-zips/0.4.3/android-studio-ide-133.988757-linux.zip (157 MB)



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